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Dell Hardware

Reliability is our top priority, this is why we only use Dell branded hardware across all our cloud server products. With over 10 years in the industry we know that reliability comes only with branded hardware!

Intel E5-2600 v2 Xeon CPUs

All cloud servers are built on powerful 10-Core Intel Xeon E5-2660 v2 machines with dedicated ECC RAM and RAID SAS 10K SAN storage.

Ceph Storage Backend

Our Ceph Storage Backend promises extremely high hard disk IOPS!

Private Networking

Private Networking enables Cloud Servers internal private networking in the same datacenter. Traffic sent between Cloud Servers across the Private Network will not count towards the bandwidth costs and can be used for database replication, file storage, and similar server to server communication.

99.95% Uptime

We provide a 99.95% uptime SLA around network, power and virtual server availability. Any failure of delivery, credits your account based on the amount of time that service was unavailable.

Trusted Network Providers

We have direct fiber interconnections with tier-1 providers on our multi-gigabit network, ensuring blisteringly fast performance and multiple network transit paths. We trust the Global presence of Lamda Hellix Multihome, Cogent Communications and the direct peering with GR-IX through the main providers - CYTA, On Telecoms, HOL, OTE, WIND, ORANGE and MICROSOFT - in order to always offer you the best routing path!

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